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Amazing first day today!!! 👏🏻 

📈Stats for the day: Patients seen by doctors:210. Eyeglasses patients receiving glasses: 70. Dental patients: 37. Extractions: 21. Fluoride Treatments: 33. Prescriptions given out: 182

📅 Schedule

1. 6:00AM Breakfast

2. 6:30AM Leave for Clinic. 1 hour drive

3. 7:30AM Arrive at Clinic & Prepare for Doors Open

4. 8:00AM-4:00PM Published Clinic Hours

5. 🚌 Update: We will be relocate to a new clinic location based on serving the areas of greater need. When notified of your last patient, begin tearing down your station and packing up to relocate to a new location for Wednesday. More information will be provided during the day

📣 “For every delay there’s a patient turned away”.  Focus like someone’s life depends on it, because it probably does ❤️

🗒️ Reminders

- No one past registration without a Paper Chart Sheet

- Patients must exit building after being treated & obtaining meds

- Help us keep Doctors, Dental & Vision occupied via escorts to the next treatment room. Pharmacy is last. Patients should keep their charts till then 

- All patients go through triage and Dr eval first. No exceptions. Clearly mark the dental/vision referral on the chart

- Please help promote fluoride treatments.  It takes just a few minutes, tastes great & protects their teeth.  Target 8 years plus (permanent teeth)

- No children playing with toys.  Please politely intervene if seen.

- After packing up, please help tidy the school for a quick return to their education 

- Wear your name badge & safety equipment. Sanitize often

- Bring your lunch

- Take and UPLOAD photos. 


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