International Ministry

Providing medical care teams to impoverished areas on foreign soil. Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to volunteer. 

The current ministries we bring to Honduras include:

Evangelism – The goal, when we travel to Honduras, is to share the love of Christ and the offer of salvation with everyone. Every ministry we offer below is used to show the love of Christ and to provide the opportunity for ministering to people in their homes and teaching their children by offering a Vacation Bible School.

Nutrition – We are able, through donations, to provide food bags for families and a lunch program for children in Namasigue.

Medical – We are able to provide doctors, a pharmacist, dentist, and eye care to anyone with a need in the communities that we visit. We also have our doctors make house calls to people’s homes who may not be able to travel to the mobile clinic.

Magi Box Program – We partner with Healing Hands International to send Magi Boxes to the children in communities that we minister.

The Mission Field

For most of our Mission Trips, we bring people of all backgrounds to provide medical care, a pharmacy, VBS, dental and eye care, and an evangelism team.

Our past trips included:

  • 2015 – Talanga and Mateo, Honduras
  • 2014 – Leon, Nicaragua
  • 2013 – Namasigue and Boca Del Rio, Honduras
  • 2012 – Namasigue and Tremintinas, Honduras
  • 2011 – Namasigue and Namasiguet, Honduras
  • 2010 – Namasigue, Honduras