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Maple Hill Church Supports FAM & Financial Update with Opportunities to Give

Major Gift Update

God is good! We are pleased to share that for 2024, Maple Hill Church of Christ's Benevolence Committee has agreed to support Faith and Actions Ministry (FAM) with a contribution every month. This makes them a Bronze Sponsor for 2024.

Jeff and Terry Hallums, our Founders, have had membership at this church for over 3 decades and have a close community there. They have attended many missions and spiritual works over the years there, so it's extra special to receive their support. FAM thanks them for choosing to direct valuable offerings towards our ministry. We will continue to use every dollar to do good as we maintain a 100% volunteer supported ministry.

FAM continues to operate as a non-profit entity that welcomes partnerships and good work collaborations from any faith or organization looking to make a difference by focusing on doing Kingdom Work for All.

Financial Update

Currently, we are running just over $3,500 a month in expenses, of which approximately half goes to our warehouse lease and utilities; and the remainder goes to purchasing items for our recipients of items we only provide as new (i.e. mattress, platform, cleaning supplies, etc.)

Currently, another major sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has generously gifted us in mid 2023 with a year's worth of funding to cover the items we need to purchase for our recipients. This gift continues to fund us until mid-2024 for these home goods to be distributed.

Now with the contribution from Maple Hill Church of Christ, this will cover our utilities and start to contribute towards our warehouse lease, but we need more help in 3 categories especially:

  1. Funding to cover our FAM Essentials Home Goods Warehouse lease to ensure we continue to have a place to intake donations and distribute to those in need in Middle Tennessee

  2. We have our first major post-pandemic medical brigade coming right up on March 2, 2024; where we will take life saving medical care to the people of Honduras. We have a need of approximately $8,000 to cover the cost of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

  3. Funding to cover purchasing additional home goods for distribution for the second half of 2024 when our funding from another major sponsor expires

Click below to make a one time or reoccurring donation online or to receive

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